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Kim Kardashian thanks her sisters for saying she looks ‘anorexic’ – and people are upset

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Kim Kardashian Thanks Her Sisters

It seems that Kim Kardashian has lost some weight – and people are troubled by the way she and her sisters are talking about it.

The reality star posted behind-the-scenes footage from Sunday’s If Only charity poker tournament to Instagram Stories. In the videos, her sisters Kendall Jenner and Khloé Kardashian can be heard comparing her trim figure to that of someone who has an eating disorder.

“No, like, I’m really concerned, I don’t think you’re eating,” Jenner says in one clip. “You look so skinny.”

Kendall Jenner told Kardashian that she looked like she wasn’t eating.

Kardashian responds with an overjoyed “what?!” before telling her supermodel sis “thank you.”

Though Kardashian protests that at 119 pounds (less, without hair extensions) she’s “not that skinny,” her sisters disagree.

“My purse is as tiny as you,” Jenner jokes.

“I’ve never seen a skinnier person in my life than Mrs. West,” Khloé claims, adding that Jenner is “naturally” slim.

Kardashian gleefully eats up the compliments, even as Khloé and pal Malika Haqq kid that she’s living off celery, salad, and “different flavors of oxygen.” Kardashian begs them to “tell me more,” and Khloé – who has a size-inclusive fashion line – adds that she’s “anorexic” in the waist, with “pin-thin” arms.

While Kardashian has every right to be proud of her figure, the conversation, however lighthearted it was intended to be, has been accused of glorifying eating disorders and sending a dangerous message to fans about body image.

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